Uncover alpha-generating ideas for your clients

Finding profitable stock ideas for your clients no longer requires countless hours of analysis. Instead, let the world's top institutional investors do the work for you.

AlphaClone's research service enables you to track the moves of hundreds of fund managers and quickly identify stocks that are moving in and out of favor. You can follow the stock picks of any single manager, or analyze the collective holdings of fund groups such as our Hedge Fund Index, Value Masters, or Top Endowments groups.

You can also create your own fund groups based on managers you think add value.
And the best part is, you can instantaneously backtest the groups' performance for various strategies such as Top Holdings, Best Ideas, and Popularity.

Take for example our Tiger Cubs fund group, comprised of managers from legendary hedge fund Tiger Management. You can tap into the collective intelligence of this group, test various what-if scenarios, and view ten-year performance track records. For instance, our Tiger Cubs Top 2 Holdings strategy outperformed the S&P 500 Total Return Index by 83% over the past ten years (as of 4/30/10). Learn more about fund groups in our demo.