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AlphaClone's mission is to make it easy for investors to benefit from the stock picking prowess of the world's top investment managers. We help answer two basic questions:

  • What are the top investors doing?
  • How can I take advantage of this knowledge?

We enable investors to systematically invest in stock strategies derived from the holdings of top managers at the time their stock ideas become public - a process called "cloning." Cloning also helps professional and self-directed investors validate existing investment ideas and find new ones. Learn more about cloning here.

Independent academic studies have shown the potential for cloning to generate significant excess returns. Access our research library for more information.

The fund managers in AlphaClone's database are amongst the best stock pickers in the world, a fact reflected in the performance of our clones even during the recent financial markets crisis. For example:

  • A clone that holds Ken Heebner's ten largest holdings each quarter beat the S&P 500 by 99% since 2000 (as of 4/30/2010).
  • A clone that holds the ten most popular stocks amongst our High Conviction Fund Group beat the S&P 500 by 194% since 2000 (as of 4/30/2010).
These clones and thousands more can be accessed via our online research service.

Investors can also choose to open an investment account and invest in AlphaClone Core Strategies, passive investment portfolios that have been optimized by our research team.

Mazin Jadallah, Founder & CEO
Mazin founded AlphaClone in 2008 with one simple purpose – empower the average investor by giving them intelligent, instant and transparent access to the world's best fund managers. Since its founding, AlphaClone has established itself as the premier tracking platform for institutional public filings and is used by individual and professional investors from New York to New Zealand. Prior to founding AlphaClone, Mazin was a 12-year veteran of technology driven media businesses and has held several senior analyst and advisory roles at companies such as Time Warner Inc. and OpenTV Inc. He is a life long investor, a registered investment advisor representative and has a Series 65 license. He holds an MBA with honors in Finance and Management from Rollins College and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University. Mazin lives in the Bay Area with his wife and three daughters. His favorite “clone” is Top 10 Popularity from the Value Masters group because it combines “consensus with conviction” amongst value investors.

Our web-delivered investment research service enables investors to intelligently apply the stock ideas of top hedge fund and institutional money managers. AlphaClone is the first service to provide professional-grade backtests of investment cloning strategies.

We include data on over 280 managers and enable investors to combine managers and apply several cloning strategies. Subscribers can also:

  • View clone performance annually or across several date spans
  • Compare performance over time against several indexes
  • View current and past holdings for each clone
  • View recent trade activity for each clone
  • Download a spreadsheet for any clone to view monthly return streams
  • Hedge a clone portfolio and view back-tested performance
  • Customize clones by changing the number of holdings and/or rebalance method
  • Select which sectors and/or cap groups to include/exclude in the cloning process
  • Clone your own fund groups
Our intuitive service makes cloning easy and fun. See for yourself with a free Guest Pass.

Our investment accounts enable you to take advantage of investable AlphaClone Core Strategies. Our partnership with Folio Investing allows you to invest in one or more strategies without having to perform your own trades. Instead, we'll rebalance your portfolio every quarter based on new public disclosures, and you don't have to pay any trading costs. Learn more in our Investment Account FAQs.

Folio Institutional is a SIPC insured, broker-dealer that acts as our custodian for client assets. Visit www.folioinvesting.com to learn more about how your assets are protected and secured.

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As one of our affiliates, you can earn up to $80 for each customer that signs up for the AlphaClone research service.

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